Welcome to Casa de Paz
¡Bienvenido a Casa de Paz!

From the low hanging hooks for their backpacks to the open shelves and small tables for their work stations, Casa de Paz creates a stimulating, natural, and respectful learning environment for your young children.

Children learn best through their own imagination and self-directed interest; Casa de Paz fosters children’s innate curiosity, concern, and creativity by providing uninterrupted work time on self-selected activities alongside friends of all ages. The design of the building, the structure of the day, and the guidance of the Montessori-trained teachers provide children with the opportunities and respect they were born to have so that they may go into the world with love and endless possibilities.

Casa de Paz is a family-operated Montessori School in the heart of the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas. We are community-based and follow Peace Education. For more information on Montessori and Peace Education, please click here