Fall Programs

Program Information 

Our school day is from 8:15am to 3:15pm for Primary and 8:15am to 3:15pm for Toddler, Monday through Friday. We also offer before care (7:30am-8:15am) and the option of a four-day week. 

Toddler Community:

Our Toddler Community serves children who are 18 months - 3 years old. The environment is set up with all of the areas of a Toddler Montessori environment with plenty of room for movement, outdoor work, and a large outdoor play area that includes gardening, digging, and painting, among other activities. The children enjoy an uninterrupted work cycle in the morning, music and story time, nap time, lunches from home, organic snacks, and extracurricular activities such as music and soccer lessons.

Primary Environment:

The Primary Classroom is prepared for the needs of primary-aged children from 3-6 years old.  The primary environment is set up with all of the areas of a Primary Classroom:  there is a real children’s “casa” with a kitchen, a dining room where they enjoy food preparation and practical life work, and a living room where children can choose from cultural to sensorial, math, language activities, yoga, music, or work on special projects.  The children and guides play outdoors daily, go on nature walks, and enjoy music lessons once a week.

Special Enrichment activities:

  • Dual language, Spanish immersion

  • Organic gardening

  • Yoga

  • Creative movement and dance

  • Art

  • Professional music instruction


●  Exploration- discovery of awe and wonder, curiosity about the world, freedom to explore

●  Individuality- ability to discover themselves, see their uniqueness and have the freedom to express it

●  Kindness- creating a safe environment to make a mistake and providing the space to love and respect others

●  Learning- fostering an environment that supports the holistic development of our children

●  Meaningful- everything has purpose and value, it is done with intention and care


We are working on normalization (a child in harmony with self and environment). This is accomplished as a child learns to work and enjoys working. Work (the process, not the product) is what brings fulfillment of the FIVE MAIN GOALS:

●  Concentration- The ability to observe and comprehend, the ability to remain focused on a task for ever increasing amounts of time.

●  Independence- in choices, in decision-making, in care of person and environment and in the responsibility for learning.

●  Inner Discipline- necessary for social and academic development

●  Purposeful Activity- learning to engage in purposeful activity, as opposed to chaotic or nervous activity.

●  Joyful Accomplishment- to experience the feeling of, and to quest for joyful accomplishment (the positive experience is what propels a child to accept himself and desire further knowledge).

Child Development

With these goals in mind, each child is guided in development at FIVE LEVELS:

●  Physical: potential learning problems can first be spotted in a young child’s ability to control movements.

●  Emotional: young children need patience and guidance to learn to control and express their feelings.

●  Intellectual: young children are collectors of knowledge (they absorb it from their environment).

●  Mental: to know, to experience, to use all known information for experiments and problem-solving.

● Spiritual: develops strength of character, revelation of true personality, and desire to be of service to others.