About Us

Who We Are:

Casa de Paz is a safe, natural setting prepared by  AMI Certified Montessori Guides aimed at keeping children’s natural curiosity alive and providing for them the means of auto-education, meaningful work, and the opportunity to build positive relationships with people of all age groups.

Our vision: a community that is more than a school, an extended family of natural parents and children that share a passion for natural living, Montessori education, nutrition, holistic wellness, community involvement, and the empowering of children’s rights.

With amazing natural indoor/outdoor home based classrooms, experienced AMI and AMS guides, consultants, wonderful staff, a professional yoga instructor, professional musician and composer, Oak Cliff organic gardeners, local organics nutritionists, and the best in natural medicine professionals, Casa de Paz begins slowly but surely to deepen its roots into our already extraordinary town of Oak Cliff! The community has a basis in love, neighborhood, and education. We are pleased to be in the hearts of Oak Cliff families, we love what we do and we hope to continue to aid children’s natural development for a long time to come.